train with me

 Have you tried every diet plan under the sun with nothing to show for it?

Do you think that you are just genetically destined to be overweight? Do you get excited about starting a new nutrition or fitness routine, only to throw in the towel if you “mess up” for a day or two? Are you too embarrassed to go to the gym because you haven’t been for months? Do you want to take control of your health but are overwhelmed by how far you have to go?


2008 – at my heaviest ever…210 lbs.
2016 – down 50 lbs and successfully maintained for 4+ years

I successfully lost 50 lbs through lifestyle change, consistent exercise, nutritional modifications, and a mindset makeover and am passionate about sharing the knowledge that I gained along the way with others who are struggling just like I was. If you are ready to say SCREW IT to the diet industry once and for all, and truly take charge of your health — no bullshit allowed — then I’d be honored to be your coach. I’m available for both in-person (in the Westside of Los Angeles area) and online personal training. 

What my clients are saying…

“I fit in my skinny jeans today!! Thanks for helping me achieving my 40th birthday goal! I’m not sure if I tell you enough but you’ve changed my life for the better! I will always be grateful!” – Gina, Santa Monica, CA
“One word: AMY! She is the best! I was so nervous to start back up with my workouts and she was the perfect match to get me going again. Not only does she know about all things fitness, but it really just feels like you are working out with a friend – a very patient, kind, funny and FIT friend :). Our hour flies by!” -Anne Q, Los Angeles
“I appreciate her style of explaining each exercise in a logical way that I can understand, like right and wrong technique. Amy claims I’m stronger than I think and I reply with a smirk! She’s always positive and gets me motivated even when I don’t want to be there.” – Meredith E, Santa Monica, CA

“Love love love Amy. She is knowledgeable, focused, but fun and makes the time go by so fast. Somehow she can find the balance of making sure you are challenged, but always being encouraging and listening to how you are feeling. She truly gets “normal people” roadblocks, but knows how to coach you through them. And just a lovely, positive, fun person, even at 6:30 am!” -Anne D, Los Angeles