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What my clients are saying…

“I fit in my skinny jeans today!! Thanks for helping me achieving my 40th birthday goal! I’m not sure if I tell you enough but you’ve changed my life for the better! I will always be grateful!” – Gina, Santa Monica, CA
“I’ve been an online-client of Amy’s for several months and couldn’t be more pleasantly surprised by the results!  I was initially nervous about using a trainer remotely but Amy customizes daily workouts for me with tutorial videos.  I wake up every morning to a workout regime which is absolutely the motivation necessary to hit the gym.  She’s incredibly responsive and I’m eager to see where future sessions go.”  – Justin, New York, NY
“Amy is one of my favorite people…even though she destroys me every single session! That’s saying something, right? Amy has reignited my love for endorphins and has helped me take the guesswork out of my exercise routines – even when I’m on my own. She tailors every workout to me – and always considers how I’m feeling day to day as well as keeping my long-term goals in mind. In addition to her vast knowledge of all things diet and fitness, what I appreciate most about Amy is her ability to push me to work hard without any “drill sergeant” screaming or judgment. Amy conducts my sessions with pure encouragement – and I need that. Side note: Amy is also just a cool person – fun to be around, easy to talk to and compassionate. It’s like spending an hour with a friend that you’ve put in charge of your health! I postponed finding a trainer for so long because I was intimidated by the whole concept. But, knowing what I know now, I so wish I had started with Amy years ago!” -Anne Q, Los Angeles, CA
“My experience with Amy has been AMAZING and I highly recommend working with her! First off, I’m not someone who’s athletic and therefore have never been drawn to working out, particularly since I never felt I was good at it.  For years I struggled with consistency around working out. I would get really down on myself for not doing things perfectly or missing a day or two and then just stop working out all together. When I first contacted Amy (almost a year ago now!) she asked for us to meet before we started working together.  She took the time to learn more about what had and had not worked for me in the past, which none of my previous trainers have done.  She used everything I told her to completely tailor my training just for me. She has never put me down when I’ve struggled with any particular exercise and in fact only encouraged me or adjusted the exercise until I was strong enough to do what I initially couldn’t.  She’s warm, compassionate, professional, knowledgeable, flexible, punctual (we meet at 6am!), funny, and I could go on and on. She’s made me look forward to working out where in the past I dreaded it.  I don’t feel like I’m just going to see a trainer, I feel like I’m going to see my friend!” – Magnolia G., Los Angeles, CA
“I appreciate her style of explaining each exercise in a logical way that I can understand, like right and wrong technique. Amy claims I’m stronger than I think and I reply with a smirk! She’s always positive and gets me motivated even when I don’t want to be there.” – Meredith E, Santa Monica, CA
“Love love love Amy. She is knowledgeable, focused, but fun and makes the time go by so fast. Somehow she can find the balance of making sure you are challenged, but always being encouraging and listening to how you are feeling. She truly gets “normal people” roadblocks, but knows how to coach you through them. And just a lovely, positive, fun person, even at 6:30 am!” -Anne D, Los Angeles

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