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Making a Leap of Faith

Remember back when I paid off $30,000 of student loan debt and swore that I was done making decisions out of fear? Well, I almost did just that recently. After moving across the country (and quitting my stable job that I loved in the process), I found myself in the unique situation of not having […]

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road to becoming a personal trainer

“I only go to the gym for the classes, I don’t know how to do anything else.” “I know I should strength train…but I just don’t.” “I really only like classes, I don’t like lifting.” After talking with countless friends and hearing similar comments, I’ve gradually come to the realization that not every woman knows […]

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Escape the City: Camping Edition

While most people make a bee-line for the beaches on Labor Day Weekend, Kristian and I headed north with our friends Ken and Emilija for a good ol’ fashioned camping trip. We go camping together every summer, so we’ve got a great system in place — killer food, campfire tunes, chopping wood for the fire, […]

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