The Power of Treat Yo Self

If you haven’t watched the episode of Parks and Recreation where Tom and Donna celebrate Treat Yo Self day on October 13 — it. is. HILARIOUS. And while it’s always fun to justify a silly, frivolous purchase in the name of treat yo’ self, today we’re chatting a more substantial kind of treating yourself.

Maybe it’s taking a trip that you’ve been dreaming about for years. Or it could seeing your favorite band in concert even though tickets are expensive. Maybe it’s playing hooky from work when you’re feeling run down and stressed to get a massage and a facial. Or buying yourself a new pair of sneakers so you feel more confident to start working out at the gym like you’ve planned.

Do it.

If it will bring you joy, won’t cripple you financially, won’t hurt anyone, and will add something positive to your overall quality of life — do it.

Despite believing this, there was one silly aspect of my life where I kept denying myself the pleasure of something I wanted because I kept insisting that I didn’t need it. For those of you who know me, you likely know that I am an avid cook. We don’t eat many meals out at restaurants, not necessarily to save money (though that is certainly a nice bonus!), but rather because I derive so much pleasure from the act of making a meal from scratch. Sure, sometimes it’s a fancy new recipe, but more often than not I’m making fairly basic, recipe-less meals.

Yet for as often as I cook, we’ve had the same old low-quality pots and pans since the day my now husband and I moved in together almost 7 years ago. Actually, I’ve had mine (hand-me-downs from my cousin) for close to 10 years! We never registered for a nice set of pots and pans when we got married because we figured we already had some that got the job done and could always get a set somewhere down the road. I kept pushing it off for one reason or another — new jobs, moving, other random expenses that took precedence.

Well, I finally took my own advice and treated myself to a new set of All-Clad pots and pans and donated our old set. After the initial minor sticker shock, I bit the bullet and ordered a 10-piece set to fully replace all of our old, well-worn pieces.

Ever since graduating from college in 2009 and living on my own, I’ve cooked 99% of my own meals. Estimating that I eat out 25 dinners a year, that’s 340 dinners cooked per year. Over the course of 8 years, that’s roughly 2,720 meals cooked at home.

I think it’s about damn time I treated myself to some high-quality cookware.

What’s your perfect “treat yo’ self” purchase?

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