Only 3% of People in North America Do These 4 Things

Want to know the quickest way to catapult yourself into the elite stratosphere of health and fitness in North America? Just do these 4 things, which only 3% of people in North America currently do:

  1. not smoking tobacco
  2. eating 5 servings fruits and vegetables every day
  3. exercise moderately for 30 minutes 5x a week
  4. maintain a healthy body weight (under 20% body fat for men; under 30% for women)


That doesn’t even factor in any of the other important aspects of health, like getting 7-9 hours of sleep a night, staying properly hydrated, having a healthy mindset, eating enough protein, avoiding alcohol in excess, minimizing sugar intake, etc.

Before you hop on the new diet craze, start a super restrictive challenge, do a juice cleanse, or anything else extreme…ask yourself if you’re doing the fundamental things — the things that will really move the needle of your health — consistently.

Mastering the unsexy basics is almost always enough for optimal fitness, body composition, health, and performance.

PS: If you feel like you need a kick in the pants to jumpstart a truly healthy lifestyle, instead of yo-yo dieting, having an all-or-nothing mentality, or embarking on the latest militant diet craze, I put together a FREE 7 Day Plant-Based Reboot designed to help you take charge of your own health.

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