Who Wears Short Shorts?

Amy never wore short shorts! Or any other shorts, for that matter. Basically for the entirety of my college years, I refused to wear shorts. Even on 90+ degree days, I’d rock a pair of jeans, claiming that I wasn’t too hot when really, I was dying of heat. I went to school in the frozen tundra known as Maine, and once spring finally rolled around at the beginning of May, there was an unofficial school holiday known as “skirt day” — so dubbed by the males of Colby College who were ecstatic to finally see girls’ legs after they’d been covered up for the long winter months.

I can thank my Northern European heritage for this, but I’ve never been blessed in the leg department. I’ve grown to accept the fact that instead of thin, shapely legs, I’ve instead been blessed with strong and sturdy legs. See, it’s all in how you frame it! For years, I cursed my athletic stems, envious of the girls with stick thin, model-esque legs. While working out at the gym with a guy friend in high school, he even commented on my “thunder thighs”…and this is when I was ~140 lbs and playing three varsity sports! At the time, I was mortified, but now I embrace my quadzillas. All the better to squat, lunge, run, bike, and hike with, I say!

It’s funny how a few well-timed, pointed comments can stick with you through the years, isn’t it? That a guy, who I never even romantically liked and haven’t talked to in years, had the power to make one off-handed comment that stuck with me for 10+ years is indicative of the power of your words.

I can’t pinpoint exactly what made me finally decide to say “fuck it!” and throw a pair of shorts on. Maybe it wasn’t any one thing, but many things that compounded until I realized how ridiculous I was being. Shorts are awesome! And speaking of shorts, as anyone who doesn’t have the elusive thigh gap will tell you,  thighs rubbing together in the summer is a very real, sometimes painful reality. But you know what helps? Body Glide! Not just reserved for workouts, I throw it on anytime I wear a dress, skirt, or shorts. Because nothing ruins the light and breezy feel of having bare legs like some serious chafing.

So if you’ve ever shied away from baring your legs, I invite you, too, to say “fuck it” and let those legs see the light of day! Now that we’ve finally all come to terms with the fact that nearly 90% of women have cellulite, there’s no reason to hide it anymore. Why is it that dimples on your face are cute, but when even the fittest people in the world have butt and/or leg dimples, we’re so quick to point them out as a flaw?! If you happen to be one of the lucky ladies who doesn’t have cellulite, then thank your lucky stars because you won the genetic jackpot. The rest of us will be over here, rocking some shorts and not giving a shit that we’ve got a little jiggle.

2 thoughts on “Who Wears Short Shorts?

  1. saw this the other day and LOVED it: "my thighs are so sexy they can’t stop touching each other"

    1. AH! I love that quote so much! haha

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