2015 year in review + 2016 goals

Never having been one for New Year’s resolutions, I opt instead to write out a list of goals at end beginning of every year that I want to accomplish. These goals get written in my planner, because I’m old school and despite having everything on my phone, I love the act of sitting and writing out activities to fill up my days, weeks, and months. And because I have my planner with me every day, this means that I either consciously or subconsciously glance at my list of goals daily, which serves to reinforce them in my mind.
So how did I do for 2015?

2015 goals

  • start a new fulfilling job – YES. I started working for Runner’s World magazine in February and enjoy it immensely.
  • spin teacher certification –YES/NO. I’m giving myself a half-accomplished score here, because while I didn’t get spin certified, I did take the plunge and enroll in the NASM CPT course and have been studying to become a personal trainer
  • be better at HTML + CSS – NO. I didn’t make this a SMART goal, so it was sort of nebulous to begin with. Although I learned HTML last year and made a website for myself, I let that website lapse…but I have retained lots of knowledge and feel confident navigating my site’s code.
  • pay off credit card debt 100%- YES. Wahoo! Had a few thousand on there remaining from the wedding and it’s gonezo.
  • pay down 30% of student loan- YES. Redacted exact amount above, but paid down 35% and have a plan to get it to zero by April 2016.
  • reach goal weight –NO. Redacted again, because while I believe the scale number doesn’t matter, I don’t want to put a # out into the universe because that opens the door for unhealthy comparisons. But I am 10 lbs over my wedding weight from last year and want to get back to feeling 1000% kickass amazing!
  • get this blog back up and running –YES. ‘Nuff said.
  • change name legally – YES. All the major documents are done, with my only having a minor identity crisis during the year.
  • read 30 books – YES. Safe to say I crushed this one, and mid-way through the year set that goal to 50. I finished book #51 yesterday.
  • practice regular meditation – YES. This is a priority, and I aim to do this daily…occasionally falling off the wagon when we travel, though.
  • sell wedding dress – YES/NO. Listed it, but haven’t sold it yet. Which reminds me, anyone want to buy a dress?
  • dabble in painting/art – YES/NO. No success on the painting front, but I did acquire my mom’s old sewing machine that I have been using, albeit infrequently. But I did make a pillow case!
  • 20 push-ups in AM + PM- NO. Oops.
  • floss regularly – NO. I feel like this one will always be on my goals list. I do a few times a week, but I knowwwwww it should be daily!
  • bake a 2 layer cake – YES. Yay!
  • run a marathon – NO. This was a lofty goal, seeing as I had a badly sprained ankle last winter that I didn’t properly start rehabbing until May. Lesson learned.
  • weekly yoga  – NO.  Ugh, I feel so good when I do yoga, I need to make this a regular thing.
  • adopt a vegan diet – YES. Probably the thing I am most proud of doing this year. After a stint as a college vegetarian-turned-vegan-turned-meat-eater-again, I made my way back to vegetarianism last year and went fully vegan in early 2015.
  • shift wake-up time to 5:15AM – YES. I’m a creature of habit, and while the holidays have pushed this wake-up time back a bit, I still thrive on a consistent wake-up time every weekday.
  • stop using the word “just”- YES/NO. I proofread all emails and censor myself to avoid actively using it, but it may slip into my conversations.

All in all, I am thrilled with 2015! What a year it was. And now for 2016 goals which I may update in the next few days as I come up with additional goals…I feel like 20 is a good solid number to work with over the course of 12 months:

  1. Write daily in DayOne App 
  2. Use Duolingo daily and become fluent in Spanish
  3. Meditate daily
  4. Get an article published in a vegan magazine
  5. Pay off student loan 100% by April 2016
  6. Read 50 books
  7. No alcohol for all of 2016
  8. Pass personal trainer certification exam in May 2016
  9. Set up LLC for training side hustle
  10. Write 1 blog post every week
  11. Travel to South America again
  12. Work on sewing regularly
  13. Weekly yoga practice

Here’s to a GREAT 2016!

3 thoughts on “2015 year in review + 2016 goals

  1. Love this post!! No alcohol for all of 2016…oh man!!! That’s a good one. Wish I could do it myself, but had a beer yesterday! :S

  2. You accomplished a LOT in 2015 – way to go!
    And I’m with Mariana… #7 would be really hard for me. (Hopefully that isn’t terrible?) Good luck!

    1. Thanks, Laura! I’m sure there will be points where it will be a little trying…but since I started drinking in high school (sorry, dad! eek), I am just really curious about what it feels like to not drink for a year. We shall see!

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